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storage misc

Kent Overstreet <>: Block layer projects that I haven’t had time for

Explicit block device plugging

Virtio: An I/O virtualization framework for Linux

[PATCH] mm: unmapped page migration avoid unmap+remap overhead

page migration

NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access): An Overview

Optimizing Linux Memory Management for Low-latency / High-throughput Databases

OS I/O Path Optimizations for Flash Solid-state Drives

Stacking Blocks: Problems and Solutions with stacked block device drivers in Linux

Step-by-Step: How to Set up a Low Cost SAN with the Linux Software iSCSI Target
How to set up and use iSCSI target on Linux

Using ATA Over Ethernet (AoE) On Ubuntu 12.04 (Initiator And Target)

Coding for SSDs

LSFMM: I/O hints